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on 8/9/18

Love the new options at ALL Star, only had car rentals before. Now so much more to choose from.  Well done.

on 8/2/18

Had a great vacation this summer.  The rates that I got from All Star Travel were excellent.  Will check back in for our other holiday vacation plans too!

on 7/16/18

All Star Travel is AWESOME! I love the site. It is easy to navigate and the rates great! Loyal customer for life!!

Thank you Elisabeth for the kind words.  We are focused on building this long term relationship with our customers!

Jeff Stanislow

on 5/3/18

Looking forward to my vacation!

on 3/11/18

This is legit, no problem signing up.  Did a car rental booking for a great rate.  Flying to Denver in a few months.  Hope to save on airlines too.


Thanks for the note.  Glad your experience with the car rental went well.  Just being up front, air is pretty regulated so you won't see a lot of savings.  But, if you need a hotel, you will see value on that booking.


The Team at AST!

on 2/22/18

Travel Clubs are great.   Especially when they are free.  All Star really provides some great deals.  Letting all my friends know, so, why let All Star know too!


We appreciate the recommendations.


The Team at AST!

on 1/25/18

Just joined the club today, nothing to report, other than it was easy and looks like a lot of options.  Love that I can get member rates on all my travel needs.  Way to go.  Christine

on 11/1/17

First time with All Star, wasn't sure, but rates were really good.  I saw some testimonials from some former MLB players and partnerships with others that looked legitimate.    Did the rental, and got the voucher in my email a few minutes later.  Got Alamo, and everything went fine for my trip.  

on 11/8/16

Toby Hall, wow, I remember him playing for the Rays.  Guess if good enough for him... So, I gave All Star Travel a shot on a recent trip to Scottsdale.  Only took like two minutes and found a good deal. 

Will let some others know about this site too.


on 10/17/16

Just booked this car in Orlando and got a great rate.  Look forward to using All Star Travel again as long as everything goes well.

Will let you know if not!  But so far so good.


on 9/23/16

Best rental rates in Florida I have seen.  Bookmarked this page!

Thanks Doug!  Let others know too. 


The All Star Travel Team

on 8/31/16

Just rented a car for a trip to Boston.  Had no problems, and the rate was about 20 percent less than others.  Happy to find AllSar and will book mark the site.


on 8/17/16

New to All Star Travel, so was not sure about them.  But read the site and seemed legit.  Did a booking and everything went smooth.  The prices will keep me coming back as well.

on 7/21/16

Just booked a rental for Las Vegas again with All Str Travel.  Always easy and great rates!

on 7/12/16

Went out to Seattle for a summer trip with the family.  Looked to save some money on car rental and found All Star Travel.  Process went smooth and I got a car from Dollar.  No problems, other than I just forgot that I owed the taxes upon pick up.  Would recommend them again.

on 7/12/16

I had to book a flight to Dallas on short notice and I used All Star Travel mobile website which surprised me greatly. Most mobile websites are very hard to navigate and perform poorly but this was not the case. They got me a good deal and made my trip headache free.

on 7/11/16

My wife and I recently visited family in Denver and we booked our vehicle with All Star, the price was surprisingly good and the customer service was as good as you would expect from any big brand.

ALL STAR TRAVEL:  Thanks Robert, Denver is great in the summer especially with family. 

on 7/9/16

I just got back from our family vacation in San Fransisco and Allstar travel perfectly met our transportation needs and gave us a very reasonable deal for a full sized SUV. Really no complaints, I will likely use them in the near future.

on 7/7/16

Just visited Atlanta from DC and booked my flight on I liked how simple and straightforward the website was and I had a pleasant flight to Atlanta. 

on 7/1/16

I recently had a business trip from Chicago to Detroit and booked my car with Allstar. The customer service was supurb however the call center did take a few minutes to pickup. Overall I had a very pleasant experience with Allstar and I would recommend them to a friend.

on 6/28/16

Allstar travel provided us a great car rental rate for our trip to Boston. We enjoyed our trip and we will use them in the near future!

on 6/7/16

All Star Travel came thru for me.  The deal was great, and when I had some questions their support team helped out as well.  Will use them again for sure!

on 5/28/16

Great rental experience!

Easy rental, nice car, no problems. Great price too! Plan on renting again next trip.

on 5/15/16

No hassle experience!

We had a great "no hassle" experience, a good rental rate, and we even had to change our car from the original one we rented, due to a car problem. We would definitely use them again!

on 4/26/16

This company jumped through hoops for me!  Had a plane cancellation and then rescheduled to different location.  Jim was the best customer service guy I have dealt with in a while.  The Car Rental was origionally for Portland, but, ended up in Eugine.  He kept two reservations open for me until I got confirmation I was heading to Eugene, then cancelled the car rental in Portland.  So refreshing to have a person to talk with!!!  Keep it up.

on 3/18/16

I would loved dealing with this company. I was stranded in Tampa airport. The car rental company I had rented a car with refused to give me the car. The car was in my husbands name and he could make the trip I couldnt put it in my name without him. I went to every website. I found this website and they had me a car in 5 min The car was waiting for me before I got upstairs to rent it. It was 3 30 in the morning and not one car was avail for rental. I would def use them again Thank u so much 

on 3/15/16

Great experience. Great rates, no problems and never any issues. Have used National travel many Times.

on 9/15/15

I truly saved!

My car rental was with Dollar Rental--we ere given a Ford Focus-no pressure to purchase anything we didn't want or need! Fees were exactly as quoted with the exception of the tank of gas I purchased so we would not be rushed! If you are going in or out of Tampa, I strongly recommend purchasing the tank of gas and saving time since the traffic with the construction is crazy!! Reduced our stress tremendously. Will definitely look into using again if the price is right the next visit because lets face it--it's all about the right price!

on 9/15/15

In late February 2014 when I booked, the seeming outdated-ness of the website booking utility left something to be desired (I found myself wondering if I was being scammed). But I went ahead and booked -- everything went smoothly with the rental agency, and it was by FAR the cheapest deal available. I got everything I needed from these guys.

on 6/12/15

I have been traveling to Michigan several times over the last few months, and always find that the rate on this site is best, and when I called about a change to my dates, a person actually answered, made the change and had me on my way in just a few minutes.  

on 4/22/15

Was pleased with this service.  Probably a 5 star, but, since so easy had no problem and could not just give them a 5 ;)

on 2/7/15

Well I gave my review before my trip which was outstanding and said I would send another review at the end of my trip we went to Florida for 10 days of car renting. Still outstanding through the whole process of great customer service with the company and when we went to get the car it was simple easy and it cost me what I was quoted I did add a few extra things and I still saved lots of money going through would I do it again yes! Will I tell friends about this website yes! I do not have one problem to even say and that's the way it should be if the company continues great service to their customers they will return and will the company will be successful.Thanks again !Sherrie Meyer

on 1/11/15

I  recently used your service for my daughter and her friend to rent a car over  the very busy New Year's period in Ft Lauderdale. When my  daughter arrived, because she didn't have a credit card, Dollar(the worst!) gave her a very hard time. All my attempts with Dollar were futile. Even Amex Platinum couldn't do much except find a car for twice the price! Well, the only one that seemed to care was the rep from your company, who called around and got a car for my daughter in Miami, and followed up with my daughter to make sure she was OK-on a Sunday morning too! She went above and beyond customer service.  If not for that woman, they would have been stranded!  Thanks!!!

on 1/2/15

I like to rad the reviews there were a few bad ones so I was a little scared to try but when calling customer service with Nichole she made it easy and simple the price was great! Got an E-Mail with in minutes and a voucher to print still a little worried called the company they gave us to rent from and they confirmed we had a car rental with them so far I have had a great experience I'll rewrite my after I rent the car an return it.

on 10/21/14

Excellent rates and convenient process to secure a rental car

on 7/16/14

The way booking a rental car should be! Simple, fast, and cheap. I am so happy I came across this site and will for sure be recommending it to others.

on 7/16/14

Using NTD is easy and you won't find better rates!

on 7/16/14

I booked a reservation on Sunday evening and paid for it.  It is now Wednesday afternoon and I have yet to receive my prepaid voucher.  I have no idea where my rental car will be coming from or if I even have one!  I have attempted to call the customer service number twice (once yesterday, once today) and have had to leave messages both times.  I have also sent an email inquiring about my voucher and it has gone unanswered.  I am starting to worry that I will be without a vehicle for my upcoming trip.  The prices were fantastic and the ease of making the reservation was also wonderful, but if in the end, I don't have a car to drive... Read more...


NTD will be calling you to make sure you received your voucher!  Thank you for your business.  Sometimes technology hinders our service as the voucher maybe in spam folders.   We checked our records and can not see a booking. Call Ben 813-343-8138 x112 he will help you directly.

on 7/15/14

Great prices, great service!
I will definitely recommend.

on 7/15/14

Easy booking process, no problems.
Your prices are really good, too!

on 7/15/14

I received voucher and answers for all my questions quickly.
It was real good deal with real good price. Thanks a lot!!

on 7/15/14

Wow!! cheaper then anywhere else, major car rental companies with wholesale prices.  The best part is the website is easy to navigate and confirm my rental in less then 5 minuets.  You don't have to pay more for the same car, go to National Travel 



I have been vacationing to Denver for years, and had the best rates ever.  It was about 30% less than what I normally pay for the same vehicle.  They actually had a customer service number too to answer my questions.  Recommending them to all my friends and family.  John H.


A friend sent me a note about some great rates in Denver for our family vacation.  Could not believe the rates and everything went smooth.  Will use again soon.

Older reviews

Here at (AST), we LOVE our customers!  They share their trips and adventures with us, and we share our experiences and destination tips with them.  Here are a few testimonials from our rental car customers:

  • Hello Cristina, Happy New Year!!  Colleen and I were talking about our trip to Arizona and recalling how impressed we were with your outstanding customer service skills. We want you to know how much we appreciate your efforts. All too often management hears more about the complaints from customers regarding customer service representatives and not enough of when customer service reps excel at solving a thorny problem to the customers' complete satisfaction.  We feel that All Star Travel management needs to be aware that your customer service skills saved them a couple of customers, who will then recommend to their business colleagues, that they give All Star Travel early consideration when selecting a rental car company. - Vernon W.
  • The customer service at All Star Travel was very polite, helpful and very friendly. We shall recommend you to all our friends here in Australia. Well done All Star Travel , see you next year. - Louise P.

  • My name is Mike H.  I rented a car on August 9 and returned it on August 12. I wanted to compliment All Star Travel in regards to how easy the process of renting the car, and picking it up was.  Not only that, but the price was outstanding.  No other car rental searches were able to beat All Star Travel's price!  Enjoyed my trip and the ease of obtaining the car was a part of that!
  • Using All Star Travel was the easiest on-line rental experience. Once we reached our destination we continued to experience great customer service! Thank you for streamlining this process...our vacation was so much more enjoyable! - Christine C.
  • On behalf of my friends and I we would like to thank you for your professional service with which you treated us and the courtesy given to us when we rented a Ford Escape from you on May of this year. The quality of the vehicle, the service and of course the price was good and we would recommend your service to all our friends and family in the future - Steve R.
  • I recently took a trip with my family to Florida and rented a car through All Star Travel. Shopping with them was definitely an excellent experience everything went smooth, the price was the best on the block and the service was quick. I went out on a limb and Google searched "cheapest car rentals" and their site came up. I was a little skeptical at first I never heard of them so I called the contact # and talked to a Representative, I also read many of their reviews. We will definitely recommend this company to anyone. thank you AST. 10 stars to you :) - Karen S.
  • My experience with All Star Travel is absolutely fantastic from the time we picked up our car and we upgraded to the time we dropped off the car it was smooth and easy. I/we really liked the idea of offsite rental and pickup. We look forward to using All Star Travel on our next trip to the USA, in fact we are planning a trip to Hawaii in November and have been looking at All Star Travel already. - Steve S.
  • We just booked our second rental through AST. Our first experience was excellent! Great customer service, located right at the airport, our car was clean and ready to go and we saved a fortune! Great all around experience! -Mike M.
  • I have to say I like the way your site is set up. I have found when dealing with most things in the USA, when you get there, you are bombarded with a tome of extra hidden costs. Your site has made it easy to see what you are getting straight up so it is so easy to get off the plane and pick your car up without those surprises and arguments with staff. I will definitely contact you when I know what is happening with my trip, and thank you for such great service. - Scott B.
  • Gabriella, thanks so much for such great service. I continue to use All Star Travel, and I am now recommending your company to all my friends that travel. You have been so good to work with. - Doreen G.
  • I am writing to express my gratitude and to inform you of my dealings with Jane James. From the initial phone call she has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. She consistently went above and beyond the typical expectations that I have come to receive and expect from other online services - and she certainly is an asset to your company. From needing a larger car, contacting the supplier regarding one way fees clarification, to the disaster that was trying to pay for the booking, Jane handled everything and was helpful, polite and went that extra mile. Thank you Jane - you truly made our AST experience one that I will be telling people about. - Lauren S.
  • Thank you for arranging the car rental contract. Your level of personal service explaining the details of how your company operates, the prices you charge and the ease of reserving the vehicle were first class.

    I have to say that at the price I paid (about half of my "discounted" price quoted by the rental company I normally use) I expected to get the clunker on the lot. But no. I went into ******** and was told to take any vehicle in the line, so I chose the Chrysler Town and Country with the electric passenger doors and auto tailgate, the "fold and stow" seating and 7-speed automatic transmission.

    Keep up the good work; we'll be doing business again - Tony G.
  • After searching online at a variety of sites for car rentals, I found We were renting in Florida the week of school break and the rates online were double what they were for other weeks, just like with the airlines. Very frustrating!!

    I made my reservation on your site with some trepidation because I was not familiar with you and didn't know anyone who had used your site. We ordered an economy car for a rate of $264 (before taxes and fees). That was less than half of what the other sites were quoting. Our rental was with ******* at the Fort Myers airport. I called them after I got the confirmation from you and they had our reservation. Once at the airport, it was all set for us. They didn't try to upsell us except to offer insurance which I am sure is standard procedure. Returning the car was also no problem. No hidden surprises at either end. I will recommend your site to friends and family. Thank you for a great experience and major savings!! - Kathy R.
  • I have to say, I'm quite pleased with the service you provide. I sent someone to your website today to book their car rental - they had already booked with another company, but weren't very happy with the rate. From now on, I'm going to add a link to your website in the confirmation email that we send out to our bookings - your rates are great and I now know that your service is as well! - Susan C.
  • I couldn't be more happy!!! You were right, today was our lucky day...I would like to thank you infinitely and the whole car rental8 team for the treatment and care that you have given me. I wish I could meet you all in person once I get to USA to express my gratitude... we'll see if I can go a few minutes at least to say hi and thank you. - Diego R.
  • Hello guys we just want to thank you for the excellent service, we just came back to Costa Rica and we had a blast in Miami the car was excellent and we enjoyed a lot. Two thumbs up for you guys and I’ll make sure to spread the word here in my country so we can start working more often with you guys - Pablo B.
  • The R**** family would like to say a big thank you to both All Star Travel & Dollar, we were not sure what to expect when we arrived in LA and were a little apprehensive as to whether we had made the right decision of making a booking over the internet.

    Travelling & returning by bus to the car pick up & drop off point was not an issue, Dollar rentals were really great to deal with and very helpful, there were numerous 7 seater vehicles to choose from and it came down to colour? (picked a white Dodge van) the vehicle was just superb and didn't miss a beat, very economical and easy to drive, in fact it was wonderful and made our holiday as we could get out and about to enjoy the USA and all it had to offer.

    We would not hesitate to book through your company again, and a family member who traveled with us is looking at travelling through Europe later this year, and will most definitely use your services again. - David R.
  • We used AST for booking our rental car in Italy. The process was extremely easy to get booked and received confirmation quickly. The big surprise was when we realized we needed to make some changes. I figured I was going to face a nightmare but was shocked when I got an email back saying no problem and the changes were made, easy as that! It's nice to see some companies still focus on customer service. Great job All Star Travel! - Ryan C.
  • I recently used for a weekend in Florida. I was very pleased with the rapid response I received from them after booking the rental car. I plan to use All Star for future vehicle rental needs. - Lea H.
  • AST is a secret that the world needs to know about.....Not only are your prices the best on the internet BY FAR, their customer service is top notch!!!! Whether it is a question about price, location, or assistance with a reservation it has never taken more than 5 minutes to get a response. - Lawrence K.
  • For the last six months i have been using All Star Travel as my company to rent cars at Fort Myers Florida  In my age group I have a lot of friends who fly to Florida for a couple of weeks during the winter season and every person that i have recommended your company has had a similar pleasant experience. Keep up the good work. A very happy and satisfied customer. - Jim A.
  • Just a brief thank you.  I never heard of All Star Travel, but I will go here first from now on.  Appreciate prompt replies to emails.  The price was also good.  I only rent a couple of cars a year, but I will come back, and also tell others (too bad I am not a weekly travel type guy) - Ed S.
  • All Star Travel did everything with no fuss or bother.  We had to change this booking through no fault of our own it was down to BA cancelling our original flight.  Hopefully this will not happen again prior to our flying once again.  Thank you. - Terry P.
  • This is the first time I have ever used your web site; I must say I was very pleased with how easy it was to arrange for our car in Orlando. I was equally, if not more so, impressed with your prices for car rentals. I believe that I saved approximately $200. As my humble way of thanking you I have recommended your site to my daughter who is looking for a car rental as we speak, and also, I feel it is important to let you and whoever else may read this email to know that we appreciate your offering substantial savings. I anticipate and fully expect to have an 'eventless' experience when we actually pick up our vehicle. - Terri B.
  • I will definitely use All Star Travel when I visit Miami in the future. Thank you. - David H.
  • I would just like to say how impressed I am with your help and efficiency in dealing with my booking especially as I changed details a few times, your site is particularly easy to use and responses to my requests were carried out immediately I would definitely recommend your company to new customers. You were the 5th company I approached, they were all very slow to respond and their prices were not nearly as competitive. Best wishes to your company for future success. - Doris S.
  • I have recently made a booking for car rental with your company.  We ( my husband and I) look forward to our trip, and will recommend NTD to others.  Thank you - Jo D. Melbourne, Australia



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