New York LaGuardia International Airport

New York LaGuardia International Airport - LGA

New York LaGuardia International Airport

LaGuardia International Airport also known by its code LGA is one of the three major airports (along with New York JFK and Newark) that serve the New York- Newark- Bridgeport metro area. LaGuardia serves as the primary domestic airport of New York City however, LaGuardia has a flight parameter rule in which no nonstop flights are allowed past 1,500 miles with the exception of flights on Saturdays and flights to Denver. LaGuardia has 2 major runways, 4 terminals and facilities capable of handling Airbus A321 and Boeing 757 aircraft. In terms of passenger traffic, Laguardia is the second busiest in the state of New York and third serving New York City (Newark is in New Jersey).

LaGuardia has 4 terminals A, B, C and D which are interconnected by walkways and busses.  
Each terminal has their own pickup/dropoff, checkin, TSA security checkpoints, restaurants, shops and baggage claim. Terminal A is the original terminal at the airport known as the marine air terminal which has four gates and floating docks for Pan Ams flying boat fleet. It now serves Delta Air Shuttle and General Aviation. Terminal B is the central terminal building consisting of  40 gates in 4 concourses A,B,C and D which house most of LaGuardia's airlines. Terminal B was renovated in 1990 and houses Air Canada, American Airlines/Eagle, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, United Airlines/express, Virgin America and WestJet. Terminal C was constructed in 1992 and serves Delta Airlines and American Airlines, terminal also serves about 1/2 of LaGuardia's Regional jet service. Terminal D was constructed in 1983 and designed to accommodate Boeing 757 aircraft, the terminal is exclusively used by Delta Airlines. The  terminals at LaGuardia are infamous for being poorly signed, laid out and unclean, however the New York port authority has laid plans to rebuild the terminals completely to a state of the art level facilities. Construction is expected to start in 2016 and conclude in 2021. LaGuardia's terminals do the job well and will do them even better in the near future.  

There are many facilities on LaGuardia's grounds that cater to any travelers needs. There are also many parking options for travelers such as airport economy parking to local parking companies. There are also many car rental facilities on the grounds, and practically all of them are affiliates of All Star Travel. These fine companies include Alamo, Thrifty, Budget and many more. The airport is located 6 miles east of the  Manhatten business district and is around a 30-60 minute drive on Interstate 278 - Kennedy Bridge - 2nd Avenue - 5th avenue to the city centre. With countless facilities to cater to each travelers needs, getting in and out of New York is a breeze.

LaGuardia is one of the primary gateways to the big apple. The airport is the original New York airport and carries a legacy that few other airports can boast.  Click here to learn more about LaGuardia.

Fun facts:

-LaGuardia is the largest airport in the US without service to Europe
-LaGuardia has 2 rather short runways at 7,001 and 7,003 feet long
-Joe Biden compared LaGuardia to a 3rd world country (in 2014)
-LaGuardia served nearly 28 million passengers a year in 2015
-LaGuardia also has 2 helipads
-Due to its air proximity rules, LaGuardia has no service to west coast cities such as Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Fransisco, Seattle, Salt Lake City and more


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