Travel Destinations

  • Acadia, Maine
    Enjoy the natural beauty of Acadia by car - the first national park east of the Mississippi. Hancock County Airport is located 10 miles from Acadia National Park. One of the most popular attractions in Acadia is a drive along the 27-mile Park Loop Road. The lovely town of Bar Harbor, located near the park boundary by car rental, offers a range of dining and lodging options. Active pursuits include walking, hiking, and cycling along the park's 45 miles of carriage and 115 miles of hiking trails.
  • Albany, New York
    Albany is the capital of New York state. Enjoy the twisting Hudson River, beautiful countryside, scenic mountains and pristine farmland by rental car. Barely an hours drive to the big apple, Albany is the perfect way to see all that New York state has to offer. A walk downtown reveals well-reserved colonial homes and formal gardens. Immerse yourself in the culture with theaters, restaurants and museums, or get out and explore the nearby parks or the Adirondack, and Catskill mountains.
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
    Albuquerque, a pleasant gateway to the state of New Mexico, is situated between the Rio Grande and the Sandia Mountains, in an elevated valley. Albuquerque International Airport is located south of downtown and mainly serves major US airlines. A must-do while in Albuquerque is rent a car, and drive the famous Route 66 that runs through the city, offering a pleasant drive littered with historic sights.
  • Anaheim, California
    Having a rental car in Anaheim CA is the best way to get around and online you will find excellent national travel deals. Surrounded by the suburbs south of L.A., the theme parks such as Disneyland, make Anaheim one of the most popular family destinations in the US. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has connections all over the world. By car rental to Anaheim, it is just 30 miles south of Los Angeles.
  • Anchorage, Alaska
    Anchorage is a great starting point for people visiting the mountains, glaciers and wilderness of this enchanting state and with national travel are good deals online for car rental in Anchorage. Alaska's busiest and most common terminal for tourists is Anchorage International Airport, located 10 kms west of the city itself. One of the nations largest parks, Chugach State Park, is located SE of the Anchorage bowl by car rental and affords beautiful wilderness sights.
  • Annapolis,Maryland
    Interesting, historical attractions are close at hand by rental car in Annapolis. Annapolis sits on the exquisite Chesapeake Bay and is home to the US Naval Academy. Baltimore-Washington International Airport is around 32kms from Annapolis.Drive to the Maryland State House, where the Old Senate Chamber features a statue of George Washington. Restaurants, bars, operas, beaches, symphonies, ballet, and theater performances are all close to the historic City Dock area.
  • Aspen, Colorado
    Aspen Colorado is located up in the breathtaking Rocky Mountains west of Denver, is one destination you won't want to miss, especially with all the national travel deals .Denver International Airport is where most visitors arrive when travelling to Aspen; from there, you can take the Colorado Mountain Express to Aspen. The beautiful Rocky Mountain landscapes make for exhilarating daytrips by car rental from Aspen.
  • Atlanta, Georgia
    This cosmopolitan city is one of the most exciting and fascinating places to visit in the United States and is within reach of other worthy destinations by rental car in Atlanta. The center of the city is in the shape of star, aptly named the Five Points intersection. Great shopping and the main business district are to be found here. Georgia's Stone Mountain Park has several lakes and a sky lift to the top of the peak. Get there by car rental from Atlanta.
  • Atlantic City, New Jersey
    See one of America's oldest seaside resorts and the gambling capital of the East Coast by rental car. Atlantic City boasts the distinction of being the city upon which the board game Monopoly was based. Most of the casinos are positioned on the famous boardwalk, which supplies the bulk of the entertainment in the city. Atlantic City caters for all conceivable tastes and includes some of the finest cuisine and national travel deals.
  • Baltimore, Maryland
    Baltimore has a fascinating blend of influences and traditions that are sure to please any visitor and the best way to experience it all is by national car rental in Baltimore. A mammoth monument to George Washington can be found at Mount Vernon, north end of Charles street, offering a great view of the city. 18th and 19th century homes, and churches can be found at one of Maryland's best preserved historic districts at the town of Frederick, around 45 minutes west of Baltimore by rental car.
  • Bend, Oregon
    With year-round sporting activities and renowned resorts, Bend is the best of the great northwest and a rental car in Bend gets you close to spectacular scenery. Check online for Bend national travel deals. Redmond Municipal Airport has daily connections to Portland via Horizon Airlines and United Express and is just 16 miles from Bend by car rental. A beautiful drive south will take you to one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Oregonеs own Crater Lake National Park.
  • Birmingham, Alabama
    Birmingham is the largest city in the state of Alabama. A rich history, with many tourist attractions, along with all this history is a multitude of day-trip possibilities and attractions by car rental from Birmingham. Additionally, the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame, the Alabama Theater and the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum are also within walking distance of Lynn Park. Enjoy by car rental Birmingham's US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville staffed by former astronauts and built by NASA.
  • Boise, Idaho
    Boise is everything from a modern, sophisticated city to hub of outdoor recreation. It has more wilderness area than any other state except Alaska, so having a rental car in Boise is definitely worthwhile.You can enjoy a drive through historic districts, shopping areas, and modern corporate centers. In the foothills above Boise by rental car, the Ridge to Rivers Trail System connects public lands and through private property with several non-motorized trails for more strenuous hiking and biking.
  • Boston, Massachusettes
    Boston offers a unique quality to visitors with its location in the charming New England region and its reputation as America's intellectual city, but having a car rental in Boston allows you to explore Massachusetts at large. The Old State House is also here and features the balcony from which the Bostonians first heard the Declaration of Independence read while a grievance session about a new tax, leading to the Boston Tea Party, was held at the Old South Meeting House.
  • Boulder, Colorado
    Boulder is the perfect destination for those who are active in body, mind and spirit. Most visitors to Boulder book a rental car owing to the fine surrounds and fabulous drives in this region. Rocky Mountain National Park offers the ultimate mountain wilderness, located around 70kms from Boulder by rental car, the park is perfect for overnight stays or day trips. Enjoy restaurants, boutiques, galleries and the Boulder County Farmers' Market, easily accessed by rental car.
  • Buffalo, New York
    Buffalo New York is packed with history and entertainment, and in addition, its proximity to Niagara Falls makes Buffalo a wonderful destination for those with a rental car. Located only 25 miles from Buffalo by rental car, the breathtaking Niagara Falls draws 11 million visitors a year. With Lake Erie and Canada to the west of downtown, the other three sides of the city offer various attractions you wont want to miss.
  • Cape Cod, Massachusettes
    Cape Cod is one of the most popular vacation areas in America, with its beautiful beaches, charming towns and villages and almost endless choices for great antique shopping and seafood dining. Loaded with fun destinations, having a rental car in Cape Cod is the de facto way to get about. There are many great villages and towns on the Cape. Some of the best are Provincetown, Chatham, Wellfleet, Yarmouth Port, and Woods Hole which are enjoyable to visit via rental car.
  • Carson City, Nevada
    Nevada's capital city is the perfect get-away spot or home-base for longer sightseeing trips by rental car. The beautiful, glittering, and historic attractions of Lake Tahoe, Reno, and Virginia City are all only 35-minute drives from Carson City by car rental. Drive the historic Kit Carson Trail by Carson City car rental you can tune into an AM broadcast of information about the sites along the way. Its casinos offer all the thrills of the larger gaming towns minus without the crowds.
  • Charleston, South Carolina
    As one of the best-preserved cities in America, Charleston has more than 70 Pre-Revolutionary War buildings, 136 from the late 1700's and more than 600 built in the first half of the 19th century. Along with these historical attractions, the town today abounds with southern cooking and hospitality. There are also fine surrounds by rental car near Charleston and regular national travel deals. Packed with cuisine, shopping and pristine beaches, Charleston in one town you will not want to miss.
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
    Otherwise known as the Queen City, Charlotte is a beautiful contrast between modern skyscrapers and old preserved plantation, all easily accessible by rental car. The chief attraction found in Downtown is the very modern Discovery Place, a great place to bring the kids. Nature lovers are well catered for with the city being surrounded by parks, nature preserves, and scenic landscapes. The Golf Village is an enormous entertainment complex offering golf billiards, and delicious cuisine.
  • Chicago, Illinois
    The 'windy city' is a hub of American culture and a popular tourist center and although the city is busy, having a rental car in Chicago is a must for seeing the city and visiting nearby sights. The skyscraper-clad Chicago skyline is world famous alongside shores of Lake Michigan. Sears Tower is an icon, while Michigan Avenue is home to the top shopping and dining. Must dos include a look at the Art Institute of Chicago and a stroll along the shores of Lake Michigan.
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
    Cincinnati offers all the amenities of a major city but with a small-town atmosphere. Cool drives nearby make car rental in Cincinnati a must. Cincinnati's compact downtown is anchored by Fountain Square. Carew Tower, offers views of Mount Adams, and the Ohio River just a mile SE. A pleasant 50-mile drive north will bring you to the town of Dayton, most widely known as the testing grounds for those famous brothers, Orville and Wilbur Wright.
  • Cleveland, Ohio
    Ohio's largest city sits on the shores of Lake Erie, and the best way to explore all the sights in by rental car. Be sure to visit the Cleveland Harbor-Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the brilliant Museum of Art and trips on the scenic Cuyahoga River. Many also choose to drive the Lake Erie shoreline, taking in the working waterfronts and lighthouses, while on the north coast are pretty beaches. Head for Cleveland's old warehouses for trendy eateries and bars, while swimming, and boating.
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado
    Nestled among the towering and majestic Rocky Mountains, it offers stunning vistas of rugged beauty and spectacular natural formations which are best explored via rental car. Driving through the Rockies is an unbeatable experience, with limitless views and exciting, winding roads. Driving west of Colorado Springs will take you to the famous ski slopes of Vail and Aspen, playgrounds of the rich and famous. Nearby is the thunderous Colorado River, great for white water rafting and fishing.
  • Columbus, Ohio
    Ohio's capital city, Columbus, offers a vibrant mixture of cultural attractions, arts and history museums, energetic nightlife and ancient architecture, all best accessible by rental car. The centre of the city has an assortment of statues of historical figures, particularly that of its namesake а Christopher Columbus. A replica of the Santa Maria, the ship in which Columbus travelled to America, is docked downtown on the Scioto River. Short North, offers bars, coffee shops and night life.
  • Dallas, Texas
    Dallas has a rich history, and is particularly famous for its Dallas Cowboys football, and the tragic Kennedy assassination. Exploring the city's attractions and history via rental car is a must. The Sixth Floor Museum is a tribute to the life, death and legacy of John F Kennedy. While in Dallas The whole family can enjoy the hands-on Science Place, featuring attractions such as robotic dinosaurs, a medical gallery featuring a human brain and real beating heart, a planetarium and IMAX theatre.
  • Denver, Colorado
    Nestled up against the magnificent Rocky Mountains, the city is a sublime destination for anyone who cannot decide between big-city and outdoor attractions, with nearby ski resorts easily accessed by car rental from Denver. Denver's proximity to the Rocky Mountains makes it possible to spend a day skiing, snowmobiling, horseback riding, hiking, river running, sailing, fishing, hunting or mountain climbing. West of Denver is Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater; a 70-million-year-old rock formation.
  • Des Moines, Iowa
    Des Moines is the energetic capital of Iowa, situated in the heartland of America with amazing sights that can be best enjoyed via rental car. the Heritage Gallery, the Des Moines Historical Museum and the Arts Center аre all in Downtown Des Moines аnd offer a great opportunity for all those interested in the history of the Midwest and the art of the region. Nightlife in Des Moines is punctuated by the usual assortment of restaurants, bars and a few nightclubs.
  • Detroit, Michigan
    Detroit is famously known as Motown (short for Motor Town) and is located on the flat plains of southeast Michigan, on the Detroit River. Best known for producing cars ever since Henry Ford's first Model Ts rolled off the production line, Michiganеs largest city is an industrial hub. Be sure to explore the surrounds by car rental from Detroit. Well worth the trip, the Henry Ford Museum is located in Dearborn, just 10 miles southwest of Detroit by rental car. Along the western Michigan shoreline
  • Disneyland, Los Angeles
    Having fueled the dreams of youth for decades, the original Disneyland theme park has something for everyone. Also remember that there is much to see nearby, so consider car rental in Disneyland where prices are competitive. Adventureland brings you to exotic the regions of Asia, Africa, India, and the South Pacific. Explore Main Street U.S.A. and Mickey's Toontown takes its cue from Roger Rabbitеs CarToonSpin. An off-shoot of Disneyland completed in 2001, California Adventure is a must see!
  • Eugene, Oregon
    The city boasts a thrilling blend of university intellectuals and artists, bohemian culture, and outdoor sports enthusiasts and plenty of nature to explore near to Eugene by car rental. Dating from the start of the 20th century, the downtown historic district is home to the Fifth Street Public Market, nestled at its center. A must for nature lovers from Eugene with a rental car, Hendricks Park overlooks the Willamette River, the University of Oregon and the City of Eugene.
  • Fargo, North Dakota
    Fargo, North Dakota, is a charming riverfront town with a few fascinating sites, some delightful nightlife options, and plenty of old-fashioned Midwestern charm. Just across the Red River in Minnesota by rental car from Fargo is sister city, Moorhead. Moorhead has some charming attractions, including the lovely Victorian Comstock House, constructed in 1882 and containing its original furnishings. You can enjoy the great outdoors of Fargo with national travel deals and a ride on the Red River.
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    Fort Lauderdale is touted by some as the 'Venice of America'. Fort Lauderdale today caters to a more upmarket clientele, winter vacationers and transient yachting crew. Getting around with a rental car is a convenient option. The waterfront offers one long beach without waves, and is lined with palms, perfect sand and a fine assortment of upscale bars, shops and restaurants. Easily accessible by car, the historic Stranahan House, on the New River, then ride on the everglades in an airboat.
  • Fort Worth, Texas
    True to the Texas spirit, Fort Worth is a big, ambitious town with many attractions that are best explored via car rental. No trip to Fort Worth would be complete without a day at the Historic Stockyards. One of the state's most popular tourist spots, this historic district is a living museum of the Old West. Abundant shopping, amusement park rides, mock Western shootouts, live music and a twice-daily long-horn cattle-drives. Enjoy the Six Flags amusement park then cool off at Hurricane Harbor.
  • Fresno, California
    Fresno is the perfect base for expeditions up into the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Yosemite, Kingеs Canyon and Sequoia National Parks, all within 90 minutes driving time from the city center. Getting around with a rental car is the best option, allowing you to plan your own itinerary. Fresno's most popular attractions are found in its surrounding natural beauty and contrasting scenery perfect for outdoor activities and scenic drives including King's Canyon with the famous General Sherman Tree.
  • Hartford, Connecticut
    Hartford Connecticut founded in 1636 and it's downtown area offers a range of good accommodation and some unique restaurants close to major tourist sights and easily reached by rental car. Other sights to visit in town after you've arranged your car rental include Constitution Plaza and the beautiful marble and granite Capitol building. The whole family can enjoy Six Flags New England theme park, located in Agawam and featuring more than 130 rides, and the new Hurricane Harbor water park.
  • Honolulu, Hawaii
    Covered with beautiful beaches and within easy reach by rental car of the verdant wilderness areas of the rest of Oahu island. Waikiki Beach, southeast of the centre, is a hive of activity with its fancy high-rise hotels, gorgeous backdrop and unbeatable nightlife. Pearl Harbor, which attracts millions of American visitors every year, along with the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, serve as reminders of America's entry into WWII. Enjoy the glorious Hawaiian sunset from Honolulu.
  • Houston, texas
    Houston's sprawling metropolitan area has much to offer, including great museums, beautiful parks and a variety of excellent excursions best enjoyed with a rental car. You won't want to miss the Johnson Space Center if you are in the area. It is just 22 miles from Houston, and allows visitors to see Mission Control, the space shuttle training mock-up, zero-gravity labs and more. La Carafe occupies the oldest commercial building in the city and faces the Old Market Square.
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
    The major attraction of Indianapolis is the Indianapolis 500, the famous auto race held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway each May. This is the largest single-day sporting event in the world. The venue then plays host in August to the NASCAR Brickyard 400. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum is open year round. North of Indianapolis is the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, stretching 60kms along southern Lake Michigan which you can explore via a rental car.
  • Iowa City, Iowa
    Iowa City, the unknown gem of the Midwest, is one of the best, most entertaining and interesting smaller cities in America and can best be enjoyed via rental car. The city's featured attraction is its downtown area, which is intertwined with the University. Just a short drive from downtown in your rental car brings you to Lake MacBride and Coralville Lake with their idyllic beaches, boating, hiking and camping.
  • Jacksonville, Florida
    Jacksonville is located on the Atlantic coast of sun-soaked Florida, along the beautiful St Johnеs River and can best be enjoyed via rental car. Fort Caroline National Memorial is situated 14 miles northeast of downtown Jacksonville on the St. Johns River - a replica of the original fort built by the French in 1564. Touring sunny Florida via car rental is a delightful experience and the extensive road network makes it a breeze. Just east you'll discover beaches for swimming, and surfing.
  • Juneau, Alaska
    Here in Juneau, you'll find a quaint urban area blended perfectly with the natural environment. To see all its wonders, car rental is essential. Juneau features the only glacier in the world that you can drive into. Mendenhall Glacier is only 30kms from the city and also offers spectacular hiking along with an amazing drive. South Franklin street is the most urbanized area in Juneau and is the hub of activity, with the best restaurants, bars and shopping. Here, you'll also find Marine Park.
  • Kansas City, Missouri
    Kansas City is today a sprawling metropolis, yet it retains a small-town atmosphere, and the main attraction of Kansas City is its steaks, barbecue and jazz, and self-drive via a rental car is the most convenient option for getting around. Kansas City has a rich jazz history, and you can hear live jazz nightly at any one of the many jazz clubs set throughout the city. The Ozark National Scenic Riverways (south of Missouri) offer clean and clear spring-fed waters for all manner of water sports.
  • Key West, Florida
    Best known for its associations with Ernest Hemingway and key lime pie, Key West is also very gay-eccentric. The best way to get around is by renting a car on arrival. Major attractions in Key West include the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum. For nature lovers, there is some great diving and snorkelling off the southern shore of Key West, or you could hire a yacht; the coral reef off the Keys is one of the most beautiful and diverse on earth.
  • Knoxville, Tennesee
    With many attractions near and around the city, not to mention to some great country music, this city is worth at least a dayеs stop if youеre touring the region with a rental car. Easily accessed with car rental and not far from Knoxville, just over the border in North Carolina, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park protects this amazing environment and is open for hiking, mountain biking, and camping. Fishing on the Tennessee River is always a favorite here.
  • Lake Tahoe, Nevada
    Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular mountain resorts on the West Coast. Scenic drives here are spectacular, making car rental an essential part of your vacation. National travel deals can save you money and time. The lakeside is lined with fine resorts, lively bars and excellent restaurants, while you can make your way to the Nevada side of the lake to try your luck at one of the numerous casinos or catch a first class showroom performance. Lake Tahoe also offers outdoor recreation.
  • Laramie, Wyoming
    Laramie, boasting numerous historical sites, museums and theme parks, is the cultural capital of the state. It also has the distinction of hosting Wyoming's only university, and is a good base for touring the region with a rental car. The Wyoming Territorial Park is one of the star attractions of Laramie and houses the 1872 Prison Museum а temporary home of Butch Cassidy. The Wyoming Children's Museum and Nature Center has a bunch of fun exhibits, reptile shows, gold panning and beaver houses.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
    Located in the south of Nevada, in the middle of the desert, Las Vegas has become world famous from gambling. The Strip, is where a profusion of the world's glitziest hotels and casinos await. But Las Vegas is so much more than casinos, and if you tire of the slot machines and neon though, the surrounding area has some of the region's most beautiful scenery, best seen with a rental car. Nevada is a land of rugged, snow-capped mountains, grassy valleys and sandy deserts.
  • Lexington, Kentucky
    Lexington is the state's second largest city and car rental for your Lexington vacation ensures you can see all the sights in and out of town at your leisure. A scenic 22 mile drive southwest of Lexington takes you to the Shaker village of Pleasant Hill, the largest historic community of its kind in America. Mammoth Cave National Park, to the west of town, is the largest known cave system in the world. Also of interest, to the south of Lexington is the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame and Museum.
  • Little Rock, Arkansas
    Arkansas's downtown area holds most of the historic attractions and museums,and beautiful national parks, lakes, hot springs and stunning mountain scenery are all just a short drive away with car rental. The Old State House is an exquisite Greek Revival building that's now a museum documenting Arkansas history. The Arkansas Museum of Science and History has informative hands-on exhibits for the kids. The popular spa town of Hot Springs is located 50 miles southwest of Little Rock.
  • Long Beach, California
    Located to the south of Los Angeles, Long Beach is the quintessential southern California beach community and the fifth largest city in the state. It is best known as the permanent home of the former cruise liner Queen Mary, the Long Beach Grand Prix, and a sleek new aquarium on the waterfront. Car rental is extremely easy at one of the five available airports. A major attraction of the area, the Queen Mary is a beautiful vessel. Nearby Los Angeles is bustling with 16 million people.
  • Los Angeles, California
    Los Angeles is a huge conurbation of 88 cities and is labelled the Entertainment Capital of the World, through the successes of film-makers Paramount, Universal, Fox and Warner Brothers. Disneyland, movie stars, beaches, TV, fast-food and hype - it's all here in overdrive, and car rental is essential to see it all during your vacation. Highlights include the Hollywood Walk of Fame of the Chinese Theater, and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.
  • Louisville, Kentucky
    Located on the Kentucky-Indiana border and set on the scenic Ohio River, Louisville is home to the Kentucky Derby. The city is also Kentucky's largest, and best known for its bourbon, bluegrass and bars, which lend it a great nightlife. A self-drive vacation can be had at a great price by checking national travel deals for your rental car. Churchill Downs is the venue for the Kentucky Derby, held on the first Saturday every May, and the excellent Kentucky Derby Museum.
  • Madison, Wisconsin
    Renowned for its natural beauty, outdoor recreation, cultural offerings, distinctive restaurants and shops is the state's vibrant capital city. Scenic drives around the lake are a highlight, making car rental an essential part of your vacation. Madison is surrounded by scenic countryside and picturesque towns, and only an hour to the east is Wisconsin's largest city, Milwaukee. Home to the famed Miller Brewing Company. Within the city limits are a total of five lakes and over 200 parks.
  • Marthas Vineyard, Massachusettes
    The island of Marthaеs Vineyard, just off the coast of Massachusetts is one of the most popular tourist destinations in New England. With beautiful lighthouses, authentic fishing villages, great beaches and spectacular shopping, Martha's Vineyard is best explored by rental car. The Flying Horse Carousel, built in 1876 was once in New York's Coney Island, has been meticulously restored and placed in the charming village of Oak Bluffs. Just south of Martha's Vineyard is Nantucket Island.
  • Maui, Hawaii
    Maui is the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands and is renowned for its fine beaches and some of the world's best windsurfing and surfing spots. visitors can explore jungles and waterfalls, windsurf with the pros or enjoy a drink at Lahaina's historic taverns. For getting around, car rental is the best option. Maui boasts 50kms of beaches. Driving up to the Haleakala Crater а the worldеs largest а is simply breathtaking. The sunken volcanic crater of nearby Molokini offers unbeatable diving.
  • Memphis, Tennessee
    Memphis was named for the ancient Egyptian capital on the Nile and is best known for the blues, Elvis Presley and Dr Martin Luther King Jr.Getting around to all the sights is made easier via car rental, and the best prices result from checking national travel deals. Be sure to visit Sun Studios on your tour, site of several major recordings by the likes of Elvis, BB King, and Johnny Cash. Beale street is the main draw in the downtown area. You can also take a scenic drive along the Mississippi.
  • Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado
    Located in the southwest corner of Colorado, Mesa Verde is one of the most fascinating of the country's National Parks. The natural beauty combined with the mystery of the world famous Anasazi cliff dwellings, makes getting around the park best by rental car, and checking with national travel deals online will ensure the best rate. Scenic drives are one of the highlights of the national park, and car rental is a necessity for seeing every remote treasure of landscape, flora and fauna.
  • Miami, Florida
    Miami is a gateway to the South and Central US, and the streets are peppered with the flavors of Latin American food, language, music, politics and spirit. For sightseeing trips across the area, car rental is the best option. South Beach is the trendiest part of Miami, with its designer shopping, upbeat restaurants and fast-paced nightlife. There are several world class attractions near to Miami. To the south of Miami are the Florida Keys and the the west are the Everglades.
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Wisconsin's largest city is also known as the beer capital of America.Seeing the sights in and around the city is more fun with a rental car. Milwaukee is best known as the home of the SAB Miller Brewing Company, which offers a free tour ending at Miller's private beer garden. The Harley-Davidson Tour Center is located just outside the city. The Port district is a lovely and scenic place to stroll. Here, you'll find a beautiful harbor, lighthouse, breakwater and restaurants.
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Minneapolis is twinned with the city of St Paul, with each city on an opposite side of the Mississippi River. Exciting summer and winter activities make getting around Minneapolis easiest by rental car. The downtown area is comprised of skyscrapers and offers ideal opportunities for upscale shopping. Of course, if you visit Minneapolis, you won't want to miss its twin city of St Paul, just across the Mississippi River.
  • Missoula, Montana
    Missoula is one of America's most unique towns. Known as the Garden City for its dense trees and lush green landscape,its best enjoyed via renal car. Many believe the natural landscapes beyond Missoula's city limits contain the area's true allure. Most of these natural treasures, however, can only be accessed with a rental car in Missoula. With three major rivers running through the area, fly fishermen, rafters, kayakers and canoers have plenty to explore.
  • Mobile, Alabama
    One of America's first port cities, it attracts visitors with its white-sand beaches and water sports which are best accessed by car rental. Mobile's historic district features some grand architectural heritage. Kids will enjoy the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center and Imax Theater. The USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park is the city's most popular attraction. Here, you can view the decks, turrets, berth compartments, bridge, and captain's cabin of a real WWII battleship.
  • Montgomery, Alabama
    Capital of Alabama, Montgomery is a premier historical, cultural and recreational hub, boasting world class theatre, museums, family activities, and fine Southern food which are all best enjoyed via car renal. Fort Toulouse/Jackson Park, a national historic landmark, is 16kms north of Montgomery. Alabama's Black Heritage Trail is divided into three cities and well worth exploring by rental car in Montgomery. The Alabama Artists Gallery highlights works of regional artists is worth a look too.
  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
    The seaside golf capital of the world is a laid back town along the South Carolina coast, within reach of the North Carolina border. With literally miles and miles of beachfront to explore, car rental is the best way yo get around. Family fun includes theme parks such as the Pavilion Amusement Park and Myrtle Waves Water Park. There's also an IMAX theater here, while for history, the area is peppered with plantations, like the Hampton Plantation. A drive along the coast should not be missed.
  • Nantucket, Massachsettes
    Just off the coast of Cape Cod, Nantucket is a great resort island with its history of whaling, fishing, and piracy, combined with plentiful stores, quaint inns, cobblestone streets, and pristine beaches. The island also offers body boarding, bike riding, windsurfing, sunbathing and spending time in the islandеs thriving live-music filled pubs. Families also enjoy Nantucket because children can safely explore the island on their own.
  • Nashville, Tennessee
    Whether you are interested in music or history, architecture or nightlife, walking tours or daytrips by rental car in Nashville, the city offers an abundance of sights and is a good base for exploring the rich outlying areas of Tennessee. A famous sight here is Ryman Auditorium, which was home to the Grand Ole Opry before the current venue was constructed in 1974. Thirty kilometres northeast of Nashville is the Hermitage, the historic home-museum of Andrew Jackson, seventh US president.
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
    New Orleans boasts French, Spanish, Cajun and African flavors. Visit the city by rental car in New Orleans during Mardi Gras for the full New Orleans party experience. The heart and soul of New Orleans is the French Quarter, where you can stroll down the famous Bourbon street and listen to the pianos, blues guitars and zydeco music. The distinctive cultural enclave of Cajun country is near New Orleans. Lafayette Cemetery Number 1 has been the inspiration for occult and voodoo related movies.
  • New York City, New York
    New York City, otherwise known as The Big Applе, is a bustling metropolis with towering skyscrapers, colorful locals, exciting nightlife, and a plethora of tourist attractions which can be best viewed via rental car. The Statue of Liberty is the most famous, long enduring symbol of New York; itеs a 354-step climb to the top а well worth the effort for the view. Times Square should not be missed. The Museum of Modern Art is one of the world's finest.
  • Newark, New Jersey
    Newark is the largest urban center in New Jersey and is also the third oldest major city in the United States and can be best explored via rental car. The fifth-largest cathedral in North America, the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart has spires rising higher than those of Notre Dame or Westminster Abbey. Nearby, Washington Park was established as a marketplace in 1669 and contains statues of George Washington and Christopher Columbus. Newark has a good selection of restaurants and bars.
  • Oakland, California
    Situated on the eastern side of San Francisco Bay, by rental car It's one of the busiest ports on the West Coast, with several fine museums and a hip waterfront strip. You'll find plenty of shops, diverse restaurants, historic pubs and a lively music scene. Oakland Museum of California offers one of the best overviews of Californian history you'll find. Oakland merges into Berkeley to the north, home to the famous University of California.
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    The capital of the state of Oklahoma and the largest city in the state, Oklahoma City boasts all the conveniences of a modern metropolis filled with national travel deals, but retains the genuine spirit and sense of adventure epitomized by the Wild West. A major attraction of the city, the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center. The area also features untouched mountains bordered by clear lakes and rivers, with hiking, kayaking, fishing and water skiing on offer.
  • Omaha, Nebraska
    Attractions, including a world-class zoo and plenty of excellent restaurants, are simple; however, a trip to this city by rental car in Omaha is nevertheless delightful. Near Omaha, Agate Fossil Beds National Monument was at one time part of a working cattle ranch owned by a friend of the Indians а Captain James Cook. Farther afield, Lincoln is the state capital and second largest city. As the home to the popular University of Nebraska.
  • Orlando, Florida
    Orlando is home to Walt Disney World (comprised of the Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center) Disney's MGM Studios, and Universal Studios and its affiliated Islands of Adventure.There are also countless smaller amusement parks, animal parks and themed dinners to keep you entertained. Having a rental car in Orlando, therefore, is a must. Kennedy Space Center has a gallery of space flight, with real spacecraft. NASA has launched its spaceships from Cape Canaveral, near the Kennedy Space Center.
  • Palm Springs, California
    Backed by mountains and drenched in sun, it boasts a stunning cityscape and comes with manicured parks, class boutiques, and quality golf courses. There are good national travel deals here, while mountains and many fine drives make having a rental car in Palm Springs a must. The dazzling streets are one of the main attractions, including Frank Sinatra Drive and Bob Hope Drive. Joshua Tree National Park is off to the east and boasts great walking and rock climbing.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Known as the City of Brotherly Lovе, Philadelphia is a pedestrian-friendly city, with most sights within a couple kilometers of City Hall and on pleasant, tree-lined streets that can be enjoyed via car rental.Independence National Historic Park, promoted locally as America's most historic square milе is a good place to begin your tour of Philadelphia. Lying 32kms north of Philadelphia by car rental, the Valley Forge National Historic Park is one of the most famous historical sites in the nation.
  • Phoenix, Arizona
    Phoenix is the charming capital of Arizona and offers everything you would expect from the Southwest, including ruggedly magnificent desert scenery best explored via car rental. Comprised of several urban areas rolled into one, the Phoenix area provides a variety of attractions to suit all tastes and a beautiful surrounding desert. A popular day-trip destination by rental car in Phoenix is the scenically stunning Grand Falls of the Little Colorado River. Phoenix also offers a varied nightlife.
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Pittsburgh has many interesting cultural sights, including the Andy Warhol Museum, and the world famous Carnegie, which consists of the Carnegie Library, Music Hall, Museum of Art and Museum of Natural History all easily accessed via rental car. Ninety-six kilometres to the southeast of Pittsburgh by car rental is the Laurel Highlands, offering a plethora of outdoor activities, including serious white-water rafting along the Youghiogheny River.
  • Portland, Oregon
    Portland, Oregon's largest city, boasts some of the most spectacular scenery in the nation, with the snow-capped peak of Mt Hood always within view. Portland's attraction is its relaxed atmosphere, with activities including strolling along shops, sipping warm drinks at sophisticated coffee shops, savouring fine ethnic cuisine, and sampling beers at the distinctive microbreweries. The International Rose Test Garden is the city's most popular attraction, offering more than 500 varieties of roses.
  • Providence, Rhode Island
    Providence, the capital of the tiny state of Rhode Island, is a haven for nature lovers, with its serene bays, enchanting beaches and lush forests best enjoyed via car rental. Some of the best colonial architecture in the country can be found in the city's east side, with the former residence of George Washington on Benefit street.One activity that should not be missed is a gondola ride down the picturesque river. Since Providence is a college town, there are music bars, small concert halls.
  • Reno, Nevada
    Reno's natural beauty is a striking contrast to the neon lights of its famous casinos, and can be appreciated via car rental. Carson City, the state capital, lies south of Reno by car rental. Like Reno and Las Vegas, the local economy relies on gambling, but it is also home to some fine museums and elegant buildings. Straddling the border with California is the mountain resort town of Lake Tahoe, Americaеs largest alpine lake and home to excellent skiing, hiking, boating, kayaking, and swimming.
  • Richmond, Virginia
    The city is bursting with excellent Civil War historical sites and national travel deals. Richmond also has a host of other attractions, including fine old homes, an excellent fine arts museum, a science museum with a planetarium, and a botanical garden. The White House of the Confederacy, along with its adjoining museum, is a favourite Southern tourist attraction. Richmond also has a hands-on science museum with a planetarium and botanical garden.
  • Rochester, New York
    Rochester is great as a stop-off point or as a base for exploring the Northeast by rental car in Rochester. This underrated city contains a fair amount of national travel deals. Rochester's Main Street has 22 historic markers. Genesee Valley Park contains part of all three major Rochester cycling and hiking trails. West of Rochester on Lake Hudson is the beautiful New York State capital, Albany, a wonderful place for a stroll or car rental day trip.
  • Sacramento, California
    Sacramento is the gateway to gold country, easy to reach with rental car in Sacramento. Empire Mine State Historical Park is where you can find one of the biggest and oldest gold mines in the US, which closed in 1956. The California State Railroad Museum, which is one of the biggest railroad museums in the country is a site to see. The trendy city of San Francisco, known for its Golden Gate Bridge and liberal atmosphere, is a short drive west by rental car in Sacramento.
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
    Salt Lake City has many attractions and was partially beautified for the 2002 Winter Olympics. As there's a lot to see nearby, having a rental car from Salt Lake City is recommended. Drives into the Wasatch Mountains (east) with Salt Lake City car rental are best for views of the lake and city, plus there are some quality ski resorts up here and summers are good for hiking. National deals on travel to Salt Lake City and ski resorts can be found online.
  • San Antonio, Texas
    A melting pot of Old West, Mexican, Spanish, German and local Native American cultures converge which can best be explored by rental car. The spirit of San Antonio lies in the revered Alamo, a Spanish mission and fort built in 1718, and now the symbol of Texas liberty sitting in the center of downtown San Antonio. For family fun, be sure to check out Sea World San Antonio, the world's largest marine life park, and Six Flags Fiesta Texas, amusement park. National travel deals are easily found.
  • San Diego,California
    San Diego is an understated Californian holiday destination, having better beaches than Los Angeles, loads of culture and entertainment, and good national travel deals. Many visitors with car rental in San Diego head due south to Tijuana, over the border into Mexico. The beaches are the main attraction in San Diego, year round, with dozens to choose from, for swimming, water sports, and sailing. There are a huge number of golf courses that are accessible by rental car from San Diego.
  • San Francisco, California
    Home to the Golden Gate Bridge many worthwhile attractions tourist and national travel deals. You can get to the Napa Valley and Yosemite National Park by rental car from San Francisco. Golden Gate Park is the best place for activities, while Golden Gate Recreational Area has good scope for sports and hiking. Oakland is a great area to drive to by car rental from San Francisco, going via the double-decker Bay Bridge. You could also drive out to the Napa and Healdsburg wine regions.
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico
    Charming and historic Santa Fe is one of the USA's most unique towns, clad as it is with adobe buildings and old churches. It has the ambiance of a Spanish country town and lies within reach of striking countryside, which is best explored by car rental from Santa Fe. Some abodes go back hundreds of years and St Francis Cathedral is especially attractive. There are Native American pueblos all around the region, plus you can also drive to the Jemez Mountains or Sangre de Cristos mountains.
  • Scottsdale, Arizona
    Scottsdale is one of Phoenix's satellite towns and is a great alternative to the busy city as a base and for heading out on a driving tour of central Arizona. Scottsdale is big into shopping and saloons and you'll find both downtown, while the best place to shop for clothes is the huge Fashion Square Mall. Scottsdale is also known for its canals, dozens of them originally built to quench the land. Be sure to tale in one of the water parks here, such as Mesa Sunsplash.
  • Seattle, Washington
    The home of Starbucks is the perfect destination from which to conduct driving tours by rental car from Seattle, with a region rich in natural splendor and competitive national travel deals. The Space Needle affords the best views over the city. By car rental from Seattle there's a huge amount to see. Vancouver is just a few hours north, while off to the east is the stunning Mount Rainier National Park. For seafood, visit Pike Place Market, the oldest (working) one in the country.
  • Spokane, Washington
    Here you'll find some intriguing museums, interesting architecture, numerous wineries, a wide selection of outdoor activities, national travel deals aplenty, and the birthplace of Bing Crosby. Spokane is centered on the Riverfront Park spread over two islands on the Spokane River and also encompassing the Spokane Falls. Mount Spokane State Park is northwest of the city by rental car to Spokane and offers great views of the surrounding prairies.
  • Springfield, Illinois
    Springfield, Illinois was the adopted hometown of America's most renowned President, Abraham Lincoln. The Illinois state capital is also filled with national travel deals and hidden treasures such as the prairie style Dana-Thomas House and family friendly Knight's Action Park. For Lincoln fans and history buffs alike, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, the Lincoln Home and the Old State Capital are a must see. West by rental car in Springfield lies the Mississippi Park.
  • St Helens, Washington
    On Sunday morning of May 18, 1980, Mount St. Helen's erupted. Today after years of cooperation between nature and man, St. Helen's is again a quiet, beautiful place and a reminder of the earthеs power, but safe to reach with a rental car in St Helen's. The Mount St. Helen's National Volcanic Monument is contained within the much larger Gifford Pinchot National Forest. From spring to fall, roads around the mountain are open, while visitors centers and activities at lower elevations run year-round
  • Tampa, Florida
    With its diverse range of inhabitants forming distinct communities, it is a lively and stimulating city full of first-class museums, cultural events, unbeatable theme parks, and of course beautiful, sun-soaked beaches and glistening waterways all accessible by car rental. Busch Gardens an African-themed amusement park is located north of downtown Tampa. Rental car in Tampa can easily travel west of the city to the area's best beaches, towards the St Petersburg end of Tampa Bay.
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Tulsa is Oklahoma's second largest city and one built on the wealth of oil. With first class museums, galleries, national travel deals ensure rental car to Tulsa remains the primary way to travel. The Gilcrease Museum and Philbrook Museum of Art confirms Tulsaеs status as Oklahomaеs preeminent cultural center. During summer, there are evening performances of Oklahoma! at the Discoveryland Amphitheater. The Oxley Nature Center offers numerous nature trails for those wishing to drive a rental car
  • Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
    he harsh winter of 1777 spent in Valley Forge by George Washington's Continental Army was in many ways the turning point in making the army into a real fighting force. Valley Forge National Historical Park remains the most popular attraction in this small southeastern Pennsylvania town. Valley Forge can be reached by car rental from Philadelphia and New Jersey via Interstate 76 West. For history buffs, fans of America, and the just plain curious, the Valley Forge Museum is a must see.
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia
    Steeped in history and bursting with natural beauty as well as national travel deals, Virginia Beach is the most popular beach resort on the East Coast and also Virginia's largest city. It is also a navy town, with over a quarter of the U.S. Navy's ships docked here. South of Virginia Beach is the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. First Landing State Park is named in honor of the first English who landed at this very spot in 1607 and is the most visited state park in Virginia.
  • Washington DC
    The capital of the United States of America is a small city by US standards, but packs a heck of a punch. Home to American icons like the White House, US Capitol, and Pentagon, it is certainly one for the sightseer. There are also parks and museums galore, along with lots of sights to see nearby with rental car from Washington DC. The White House, US Capitol on Capitol Hill, the Lincoln Memorial (Obelisk) and associated Reflecting Pool are all must-dos.
  • Yosemite, Nevada
    Located in the majestic Sierra Nevada, Yosemite National Park embraces an amazing area of mountains and valleys filled with waterfalls, meadows, and forests of giant sequoias. Since visitors may drive into and around Yosemite Valley, rental car in Yosemite is the most convenient option for touring the park. Visitors who venture outside of Yosemite National Park's own borders will encounter even more stunning natural beauty at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.


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