Acadia, Maine

Acadia, Maine

Located on the coast of Maine, Acadia encompasses 47,633 acres of granite-domed mountains, woodlands, lakes, ponds, and ocean shoreline, making it a haven for wildlife and plants. It was the first national park east of the Mississippi and since the first inhabitants arrived 5000 years ago, to the European settlers and the tourists of today, people have been enjoying the natural beauty of Acadia. The best way to get around is by rental car from Acadia and there are always good national travel deals.

Getting there

Direct flights from Boston's Logan Airport land at the Hancock County Airport, located 10 miles from Acadia National Park. National airlines also serve the Bangor International Airport, about one hour from the park. By car rental in Acadia the park is about six hours north of Boston.

Key attractions

One of the most popular attractions by rental car in Acadia is a drive along the 27-mile Park Loop Road, which offers views of some of the most dramatic scenery on the eastern coastline. Along the way you can stop for a stroll, following any of the numerous paths and information signs. Though some roads are closed in winter, the park visitorsе center is open year round. Services include an audiovisual introduction to the area, ranger-led hikes, talks, boat cruises, evening programs, and junior ranger activities for kids.

Out and about

The lovely town of Bar Harbor, located near the park boundary by car rental, offers a range of dining and lodging options. There youеll find everything from fine seafood restaurants to informal eateries, coffee shops and cafes. Also in town are a variety of hotels, inns, and bed and breakfasts. Several camping options are available near the park, including group and individual sites and RV hook-ups, all within 10 minutes of the ocean. Check online for national deals on travel to Acadia.

Leisure options

Active pursuits include walking, hiking, and cycling along the park's 45 miles of carriage trails and 115 miles of hiking trails - with incredible views and natural solitude. Other summer activities include fishing, boating, carriage rides, and wildlife viewing. During the winter, the closed carriage roads and portions of the Park Loop Road are ideal for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.


Whenever you go, be prepared for changes of temperature and weather conditions from fog to rain and sun, all of which contribute to the variety of flora and fauna of the area.


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