Annapolis, Maryland

Known as the 'sailing capital of the world', Annapolis sits on the exquisite Chesapeake Bay and is home to the US Naval Academy. The capital of Maryland has beautiful natural surroundings and stunning architecture, including stately buildings. There is plenty of lively entertainment, with a hint of English charm permeating through the city, and interesting attractions are close at hand by rental car in Annapolis.

Getting there

Baltimore-Washington International Airport is around 32kms from Annapolis. Domestic, international, and transatlantic services make up the 800 flights servicing the airport daily. A regular and reliable shuttle bus service travelling to the Naval Academy or your hotel will drop you off for around US$30. Expect to pay around US$40 for a taxi journey.

An extensive, safe and well signposted road network makes arriving by rental car to Annapolis relatively easy. Travel along I-695 (Baltimore beltway) to I-97 south and then take US Route 50 east. From there, continue on to Rowe boulevard from US Route 50 to get downtown from points farther north of the city. Take US Route 50 east, off the Washington beltway (I-495) to Rowe boulevard, from Washington, DC. Look online for national deals on travel to Annapolis.

Key attractions

The longest serving State House in the country is the grand old  Sandy Point State Park,, where the Old Senate Chamber features a statue of George Washington. The beautiful formal gardens and lavishly decorated interior of the 1765 William Paca House, as well as the stunning 1774 Hammond-Harwood House, are noteworthy examples of well-preserved buildings.

Frequent parades, sporting events and sheer grandeur make the US Naval Academy a popular jaunt. Here, you can witness the world's largest dormitory with a capacity for over 4,000 midshipmen, an early submarine, and a Mark XIV torpedo commemorating the 3,505 men on board the 52 US submarines lost during WWII.

Out and about

by car rental from Annapolis, the Star Toys Museum, set in two rooms of a suburban house around 30kms out of town, should not be missed. It is the world's only Star Wars related toy museum with over 6,700 pieces in the collection. Also just 30kms southwest of the city is Wild World, featuring an extensive water park, and over 50 rides plus shows.

Leisure options

Restaurants, bars as well as frequent opera, symphony, ballet, and theatre performances are all on offer at the historic City Dock area, which was established in 1695. For those looking for national travel deals and a little action away from the city, swimming, sunbathing, boating, picnicking and hiking are all popular pastimes at the two lovely beaches of Sandy Point State Park, located around eight kilometres northeast of the city.


The dock and central areas of Annapolis can get very busy and tourists can often become easy targets for pickpockets. You should always stay alert when visiting a new place, especially when abroad and with things like driving on the other side of the road by car rental in Annapolis. This is why we recommend you take out some form of travel insurance for yourself and anyone travelling with you on your journey.


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