Columbus, Ohio

Ohio's capital city, Columbus, offers a vibrant mixture of cultural attractions, arts and history museums, energetic nightlife and ancient architecture, making it attractive to a wide range of visitors and there are always national deals on travel to Columbus online. Picking up a rental car from Columbus is also popular.

Getting there

Port Columbus International Airport is situated approximately 15 minutes by car east of the city centre. Taxis and shuttle services provide transport into the city. Shuttle buses leave from outside the airport building every 30 minutes. Amtrak provides rail service to the area, while Greyhound buses serve destinations within the state and nationwide.

Self-drive with Columbus car rental is the best way to reach and explore the surrounding area. The city can be reached via I-70 and I-71, which cut across the city. I-270 loops around the city, and is a good alternative route to use when driving to outlying areas, in order to avoid traffic congestion.

Key attractions

Columbus is home to the large Ohio State University, lending the city the energy of student life. The Wexner Centre for the Arts, part of the university, offers an excellent collection of modern art. Alternatively, the Columbus Museum of Modern Art features a superb series of Impressionist and post-Impressionist works and a unique sculpture garden. Check for Columbus national travel deals.

The centre of the city has an assortment of statues of historical figures, particularly that of its namesake а Christopher Columbus. A replica of the Santa Maria, the ship in which Columbus travelled to America, is docked downtown on the Scioto River. Visitors can see how locals lived in the mid-19th century at Ohio Village, where the illusion is complete with costumed 'villagers', who demonstrate daily activities, crafts and life as it was during the American Civil War.

Out and about

the town of Granville, 50kms northeast of Columbus by rental car, is famed for its stunning 19th century buildings and fine museums. Here, you can fine accommodation cosy inns and sample local cuisine in a variety of restaurants. Alternatively, there are some intriguing cave systems in the region around Columbus, including the Ohio Caverns, which are the state's largest; the crystal-white stalactite and stalagmite formations are breathtaking. Just over half an hour by car from Columbus, Mad River Mountain ski area is popular with skiers and snowboarders, and encompasses 49 hectares of ski terrain.

Leisure options

south of the city centre with car rental from Columbus, the charming German Village offers a fine place for a leisurely stroll through the tree-lined streets and past red-brick buildings, old iron fences, and German restaurants and inns. Nearby is the fashionable area of Short North, with its collection of bars, coffee shops, nightclubs, boutiques and art galleries serving up a stylish but bohemian atmosphere.


like any large city, Columbus has its trouble spots which might not always be obvious to the visitor. Pickpockets as well as hazards while driving are all things which affect tourists in an unfamiliar environment. We strongly advise taking out travel insurance for yourself and anyone travelling in your party.


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