Disneyland, Los Angeles

Having fueled the dreams of youth for decades, the original Disneyland theme park has been continually updated. Whether it's your first or tenth time, there is guaranteed to be something new and fun, plus online national deals on travel to Disneyland today are better than ever. Also remember that there is much to see nearby, so consider car rental in Disneyland where prices are competitive.

Getting there

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is one of the nationеs busiest airports with connections all over the world. Alternatively, if Anaheim and Disneyland are your primary destinations, you can fly directly to Orange County's largest airport, John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana. Amtrak has passenger trains that run north south through Californiaеs major metropolitan areas, including Los Angeles, as well as eastward from San Francisco connecting to the inland states. Greyhound bus services connect all of the major cities in California to destinations beyond the state.

Just 30 miles south of Los Angeles (about a 45 minute drive), Disneyland is well-connected by rental car to the rest of the state, as is Anaheim. Interstate I-5 is the major north-south highway through California. From I-5 there are several off-ramps leading to Anaheim and its major attractions.

Key attractions

Adventureland brings you to exotic the regions of Asia, Africa, India, and the South Pacific with famous rides like Indiana Jones Adventure. Kids love Critter Countryеs animatronic singing animals, and everyone can cool off on the Splash Mountain ride. Fantasyland offers an eclectic mix of storybook settings and the famous Itеs a Small World and Matterhorn Bobsleds rides. Frontierland creates Tom Sawyerеs Island, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Rivers of America show.

Main Street U.S.A. provides a ride-free respite with information and practical supplies. Mickey's Toontown takes its cue from Roger Rabbit's CarToonSpin. In New Orleans Square are the high-tech Haunted House and the fantastic Pirates of the Caribbean. Tomorrowland is the funky home of Space Mountain and Star Tours. Downtown Disney is designed to meet all your other entertainment and shopping needs. It features a vast array of Disney toys and collectables, plush movie theaters, and a range of restaurants with live music at Jazz, Blues and Latino venues. Keep an eye on national travel deals to Disneyland.

Out and about

An off-shoot of Disneyland completed in 2001, California Adventure uses a combination of themed areas with rides, interactive attractions, live-action shows, and plenty of dining, snacking, and shopping opportunities to pay homage to one of the most colorful states in the nation. Here youеll find everything from Hollywood to rich farmland to beautiful coasts and the great outdoors. Youеll also find some of Disneylandеs most popular rides, like Soarin' Over California, and California Screamin.

Though not as well known as big Mouseеs house, Knotts Berry Farm, also in Anaheim, has a more hometown charm. Since Anaheim is just one of the cities in the L.A. metropolitan area, it is well connected to all other major attractions around town. Hollywood and Universal Studios take you to the heart of Americaеs film industry while Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive provide an additional glimpse of the rich and famous. Along the coast are some of the Californiaеs most famous beaches like Malibu and Venice, where you can add sand and surf to the Golden Stateеs sunshine. All are easily accessible by rental car from Disneyland.

Leisure options

A host of dining opportunities from casual snacks and fast food to fine dining ensures that going hungry will never be a concern. The many on-site hotels and resorts offer accessibility, additional service hours, and special packages. Accommodation is also available off the Disney grounds. No matter where you stay, youеll be overwhelmed by the fun of Disneyland and the price of car rental.


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