Fargo, North Dakota

Virtually unknown before the Coehn Brother's film of the same name, Fargo, North Dakota, is a charming riverfront town with a few fascinating sites, some delightful nightlife options, and plenty of old-fashioned Midwestern charm. Fargo and Moorhead (Minnesota) are sister cities of the Red River Valley. The largest community in North Dakota, Fargo is bordered by Moorhead on the Minnesota side. The Red River runs through the two communities and serves as a natural boundary. Booking car rental in Fargo is thus a must.

Getting there

Hector International Airport in Fargo receives several daily flights on Northwest Airlines direct from Minneapolis; while United Express Airlines offers daily service from Chicago and Denver. Regionally, there are daily flights from around North Dakota and Sioux Falls. Fargo is on Amtrak's Chicago-Seattle/Portland run. Online are national deals on travel to Fargo.

For those travelling to Fargo by rental car, I-94 comes from the west, from Minneapolis (Minnesota), Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Chicago. In Montana, I-94 joins with I-90, which goes on to Seattle (Washington). I-29 comes down from Winnipeg (Canada), passes through Fargo and then Sioux Falls (South Dakota).

Key attractions

A curious attraction is the Heritage Hjemkomst Interpretive Center, which documents what one man can do with a bizarre Midwestern dream and excess amounts of time. One of the most popular attractions in the town is the great Fargo Air Museum, which has on display a range of aircraft from the history of civilian and military aviation.

Out and about

Just across the Red River in Minnesota by rental car from Fargo is sister city, Moorhead. Moorhead has some charming attractions, including the lovely Victorian Comstock House, constructed in 1882 and containing its original furnishings.

Leisure options

You can enjoy the great outdoors of Fargo with national travel deals and a ride on the Red River via SS Ruby Pontoon Boat Ride tours. Alternatively, hike through the massive Buffalo River State Park. Fargo also features some fun, down-home eateries and bars, as well as a fine selection of gourmet restaurants.


While outdoor pursuits are great way to enjoy your holiday, they do put you at risk of accidents or injuries. Additionally, travelling in unfamiliar environments can result in missed travel arrangements or other problems. It's best to take out travel insurance when visiting Fargo.


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