Juneau, Alaska

The capital and the third-largest city (behind Anchorage and Fairbanks) of the scenically breathtaking state of Alaska, Juneau is located on the sides of Mount Juneau and Mount Roberts along Gastineau Channel. Here, you'll find a quaint urban area blended perfectly with the natural environment. To see all its wonders, car rental is essential.

Getting there

Itеs easiest to fly directly to Juneau, and Alaska Airlines offers daily flights here from Anchorage, Fairbanks, Seattle, Vancouver, Portland, Sacramento and other cities in the American Northwest. Ferries arrive from all of the major Alaskan coastal communities in the summer; while cruise ships are available from many cities on the west coast of the US. National travel deals on your rental car can be had at the airport.

No roads enter Juneau from the outside, so those who are driving should go to Anchorage and then take a flight to Juneau. From Seattle, I-5 becomes Canada 2 when it reaches the border. This highway can be taken all the way through British Columbia and the Yukon Territory into Alaska, where it becomes Alaska-2, or the Alaska Highway and eventually merges with the Glenn Highway, (Alaska-1), which goes straight into Anchorage.

Key attractions

One of the most interesting structures in the state, the St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, is located in Juneau. Constructed in the traditional Russian style, this beautiful building is an interesting reminder of Alaska's pre-American, Russian past. Nearby are the Juneau-Douglas City Museum and the Alaska State Museum. The Juneau Douglas displays pre-settler artefacts, and local native and settler artwork; while the Alaska State has a grand exhibit of relics from the state's main indigenous groups, and recounts the history of the state's gold rush and the construction of the trans-Alaska Pipeline.

Out and about

Juneau features the only glacier in the world that you can drive into. Mendenhall Glacier is only 30kms from the city and also offers spectacular hiking along with an amazing drive. Hikers will also be pleased with the gorgeous trails of Perseverance, Mt Roberts, Granite Creek and Mt Juneau trails. Glacier Bay National Park is less than an hour with self-drive via car rental from the city, and is home to wolves, moose, bears, and many beautiful species of bird; by the ocean, you may see dolphins, killer whales, seals and humpback whales.

Leisure options

South Franklin street is the most urbanized area in Juneau and is the hub of activity, with the best restaurants, bars and shopping. Here, you'll also find Marine Park, which is busy on weekend nights during the summer as local musicians gather to give free performances under the nearly perpetual northern twilight. For downhill skiing, the city-owned Eaglecrest Ski Area has 31 runs, rated 40 per cent expert, 40 per cent intermediate and 20 per cent novice. It's the second best ski resort in the state (after Alyeska Resort near Anchorage) and also offers eight kilometres of cross-country-skiing trails. Summer touring with a rental car is more economical with national travel deals.


Visitors should remain alert for potential dangers when travelling to an unfamiliar country. Additionally, outdoor pursuits can put you at risk of accidents. While visiting Juneau, we strongly recommend you take out travel insurance for you and your family.


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