Lexington, Kentucky

Ringed by the stunning horse farms that give this area its reputation and personality, Lexington is the state's second largest city and a growing urban area. It has just the right mix of big-city excitement and small-town charm. Car rental for your Lexington vacation ensures you can see all the sights in and out of town at your leisure.

Getting there

Bluegrass Airport, west of the city center, serves points south and the Midwest. If you're on a long haul, youеll invariably be routed through Chicago, Atlanta, New York or nearby Louisville. Shuttles and taxis run into town from Bluegrass. Trains run between Lexington and Louisville and then on to cities nationwide; while Greyhound buses also serve Lexington and cities state-wide. Arranging your car rental in advance means you can take advantage of national travel deals and save money.

By road, both I-75 and I-64 serve Lexington. I-75 runs from the Canadian border through Detroit, Cincinnati and Lexington, right through to Miami; while I-64 runs from St Louis, in the west to Norfolk in the east, taking in Lexington. Numerous state highways also converge on the city. Self-drive via a rental car really is the most convenient was to travel in Lexington.

Key attractions

Downtown Lexington is home to various historic buildings, many of which are conveniently linked on the Lexington Walk, a walking tour of the city. Mary Todd Lincoln House was the first American historic site restored to honor a First Lady. There are several famous bourbon distilleries around the city, including the Wild Turkey Distillery and Buffalo Trace Distillery; free tours are available.

Out and about

A scenic 22 mile drive southwest of Lexington takes you to the Shaker village of Pleasant Hill, the largest historic community of its kind in America. The National Historic Landmark features 33 original 19th century buildings on thousands of hectares of farmland. Mammoth Cave National Park, to the west of town, is the largest known cave system in the world and offers hours of exploration. Also of interest, to the south of Lexington is the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Renfro Valley. Booking your preferred vehicle after checking national travel deals saves time on your self-drive vacation.

Leisure options

Self-guided tours, horseback riding, and riverboat excursions are offered at the National Historic Landmark; while above Mammoth Cave are forests, lakes and rivers with a plethora of recreational possibilities available to self-drive vacationers with rental cars.


Taking part in potentially dangerous activities, such as horseback riding and water sports, places you at a greater risk of having an accident, and driving long distances without regular breaks can also be hazardous. You would not want to be without travel insurance in the US if something were to occur; therefore we strongly recommend you take out adequate cover for yourself and your family.


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