Madison, Wisconsin

Located in the south of Wisconsin and to the west of Lake Michigan, Madison, renowned for its natural beauty, outdoor recreation, cultural offerings and distinctive restaurants and shops is the state's vibrant capital city. Scenic drives around the lake are a highlight, making car rental an essential part of your vacation.

Getting there

Madison's Dane County Regional-Truax Field Airport is located to the north of the city and has direct services to and from Minneapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Stevens Point, and La Crosse, as well as international flights from Canadian cities. Madison is connected by rail to Milwaukee, Chicago and Minneapolis/St Paul. If youеre planning on a rental car, check out national travel deals for the lowest prices. Greyhound buses travel here from locations nationwide, via Milwaukee.

By road, Madison is fed by the east-west I-94 that begins in Milwaukee and ends near Billings to join with the I-90, which also runs east-west to the south of Madison. I-35 runs from Duluth (Lake Superior), through Madison, and on down south to the Mexican border. Driving your rental car here is a pleasurable experience due to good roads and stunning views.

Key attractions

Madison sits in the middle of two pretty lakes, Monona (east) and Mendota (west), and one of the city's highlights is the masterpiece, Monona Terrace, overlooking its lake. It was the last creation by famed local architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. Madison's most interesting thoroughfare is State street, which leads up to the University of Madison and is lined with all manner of interesting boutiques, coffee shops, restaurants and pubs.

Out and about

Madison is surrounded by scenic countryside and picturesque towns, and only an hour to the east is Wisconsin's largest city, Milwaukee. Home to the famed Miller Brewing Company, and a beautifully renovated waterfront area, Milwaukee is an ideal place to enjoy a beverage or two. The outstanding Dells area, north of Madison on I-94, features a huge amusement area and water park, with great opportunities for outdoor pursuits. National travel deals on car rental in Madison ensure you save money as well as time.

Leisure options

Within the city limits are a total of five lakes and over 200 parks, providing an abundance of year round outdoor activities, from hiking, biking, swimming and sailing to cross-country skiing, snow sailing and ice fishing.


Driving places you at great risk of having an accident, especially on long journeys without regular breaks, and many water-based activities are also potentially dangerous. Pickpockets do operate in the downtown areas of Madison and Milwaukee, so remain vigilant. We recommend you take out travel insurance for you and your family when visiting Madison.


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