Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah

The capital of Utah is a laid back, outdoors kind of place, boasting a variety of attractions and things to do. It has the water, high mountains and the city was partially beautified for the 2002 Winter Olympics. As there's a lot to see nearby, having a rental car from Salt Lake City is recommended.

Getting there

Salt Lake City International Airport is just a few miles northwest of downtown by car and handles a huge number of flights from around America and overseas. Look out for national travel deals online. Amtrak trains also serve from the likes of San Francisco, Denver, and Chicago, as do Greyhound coaches. By car rental to Salt Lake City, the I-80 serves from the east and west; the I-15 from north and south.

Key attractions

The city has several prominent churches, though a must-see landmark is the Salt Lake Temple, not far south of State Capitol. Have a look at the pretty houses in the nearby Avenues area. Another must is the Olympic Cauldron Park of the 2002 Winter Olympics, while the Great Salt Lake itself is close at hand.

Out and about

You can get over to Antelope Island within the lake by rental car from Salt Lake City, which comes with beaches and some intriguing driving on the northern half of the island. A tour of the perimeter of the lake is also fun, where there used to be good spas like the Salt Air Palace. At the northern edge of the lake are several reserves centered on Willard Bay.

Leisure options

Drives into the Wasatch Mountains (east) with Salt Lake City car rental are best for views of the lake and city, plus there are some quality ski resorts up here and summers are good for hiking. National deals on travel to Salt Lake City and ski resorts can be found online.


Crime is fairly low here, though Pioneer Park is best avoided at night. You can park your car on city streets, but stick to hotel car parks after dark. Be aware of Š“temperature inversionsŠµ in winter, which trap smog in downtown, while high altitudes may affect those with asthma.


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