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As an international car rental broker, All Star Travel offers a pre-paid product. We work with the best local and international rental companies continuously comparing terms, conditions and prices of all rental companies. In this way we can offer car rentals from 20,000 locations worldwide for the best price and with favorable terms. However, each location/rental company differs in terms and conditions. The most important terms and conditions which apply to all All Star Travel rental vehicles are listed in the following information. We are always at your service to answer any questions about additional terms and conditions for a specific location/rental company and there will always be information provided when booking. 

What's included with your rental car?
Your rental car will include the car, unlimited mileage, included options, and any additional options or upgrades you may choose. Details of included options are presented in the last step of the booking process. 

What's not included with your rental car?
Fuel, personal accident insurances, extras and where applicable, young drivers' surcharges and extra driver surcharges are not included with all-inclusive rental cars. Basic rates do not include mandatory charges such as local taxes, sales tax, fuel, airport or facility fees and licensing fees that are charged directly by the supplier and are not collected by All Star Travel as they may vary by location. When making your booking you can ask for information about surcharges. All costs must be paid at the location. Wherein windshields, tires and towing costs are not covered by the insurance, a liability insurance can be arranged at some locations. An extra insurance can sometimes be mandatory if you are planning to cross borders. 

Personal Accident insurance
Most travel insurances offer coverage for accidents, (check before departure). If not you can reserve this upon collection of your vehicle. 

Duration of the rental period
The minimum rental period is 1 day. 1 day is interpreted as a period of 24 hours. Included in this 24 hour period is the time wherein you collect and return the rental vehicle. 

One way rentals
One way rentals must always be confirmed in advance and costs are determined by distance and the vehicle being left behind. Most of the time there is a minimum rental period of 3 consecutive days required for one way rentals. 

Opening hours
Collection and return can be done during the opening times of the location. Usually this is Monday to Friday 08:00-18:00 hours, Saturday 08:00-16:00. The locations at the airports are generally opened each work day from 06:00-23:00. Outside opening times, on Sundays and public holidays, it is usually possible to return the vehicle keys to a so called 'drop off' box. For this service a surcharge is levied. 

Vehicle type and capacity
The stated capacity of the vehicle is a guideline. The type of vehicle given as an example is always one of a category and is subject to availability at the time of renting. We reserve the right to provide an alternative vehicle from the same category determined by the number of passengers, engine capacity and other features. 

At most locations the minimum age of a driver who may rent a vehicle without incurring a surcharge is 25.

Driving licence
The driver must have held a driving licence for a minimum of one year. Our reservation department must be presented with any supplementary information to your driving licence and may sometimes reject a booking based on this. All drivers must be able to produce a valid driving licence on request of the local authorities. 

Extra drivers
At some locations there can be an extra driver surcharge. Check before booking. The same rules apply to extra drivers as to the main driver. 

Reservation Costs
For each reservation, All Star Travel does not charge a booking or amendment fee. 

Collection and return of your rental vehicle
Usually the collection and return of the rental vehicle takes place at the airport. The name and address of the rental company where you can collect your vehicle is printed at the bottom of the rental voucher. Collection of a vehicle out of hours, even when this is caused by a delayed flight, may incur a surcharge. At most locations a vehicle can be delivered to your accommodation, usually for a surcharge. Unfortunately rental vehicles cannot be delivered to private addresses. 

Returning your rental vehicle
At the end of the rental period you must return your vehicle to the correct place at the arranged time undamaged and clean. Check that your vehicle is returned to the same rental company as it was collected from.

No Shows
No refunds will be given for rental ended early, late collections, no shows or cancellations made on or after the rental start date.  There will be no reimbursements in the event that you are not in possession of a valid drivers license that is accepted by the supplier.  There will also be no reimbursement on your rental if you are unable to present a major credit card at the time of pickup for your security deposit.

In case of accident you must inform the police immediately and acquire a full police report. You must inform the rental company offices within 24 hours. You should also write your own report. Failure to do this will result in denial of compensation. 

Liability for the damage
Unless damage to the vehicle is noted in the rental agreement before departure, the driver will receive a vehicle without problems or visible damage. The driver is therefore responsible for any damage which occurs as a result of incidents during the rental period to the limit of their personal risk. 

Deposit and fuel
Most vehicle rental companies require you to pay a deposit equivalent to the cost of a full fuel tank and other additional charges incurred during the rental period. This will take the form of an amount being reserved on the major credit card of the principal driver. All fuel costs must be paid by the customer. It is not possible to be reimbursed for unused fuel. Information over fuel can be found on the rental voucher. 

Special requests
Child seats, roof racks and other extras are on request and subject to availability. In most states in the US, child seats for children under 3 years of age are compulsory and must be requested in advance. Children of 3-5 years must always wear a seat belt or sit in a child seat. Usually a surcharge must be paid at the location. 

Surcharges at the location
The price and terms of all additional extras which must be paid at the location are always subject to changes and subject to local taxes. 

Cancellation costs
After confirmation of the reservation - $35.00.  Within 2 days of the pickup date - $50.00. No show at the location - 100% of the rental costs. 

Cancellation Protection
All Star Travel may offer customers the opportunity to buy cancellation protection. This means that a reservation can be cancelled for whatever reason up to 24 hours before pickup with full refund and no cancellation fees. You can buy cancellation protection in the last step of confirming your reservation if the option is available. 

For partially unused vouchers there can be no reimbursement. No reimbursement is given when you collect your vehicle later or return it sooner than the given dates and times. This also applies when you cannot rent the vehicle because you are not in possession of the right official documents. 

Quality Control
If you are, for whatever reason, not satisfied with your rental vehicle, then you are advised to immediately report this at the location of the rental company. We find it very difficult to judge a claim about the state of a vehicle after the rental period is over. All Star Travel must always be informed of any problems so that we are in a position to find appropriate solutions. Registering a complaint at All Star Travel must be done in writing with a copy of the local rental agreement and payment methods. This must be done within 8 weeks of your return. When dealing with the problems and complaints, All Star Travel will take on the role of mediator between the driver and the rental company. Voluntary insurance payments paid at the location cannot be reimbursed. No reimbursement can be made if you have accepted certain alternatives at the location without intervention or information from All Star Travel. 

Mechanical problems
In the case of mechanical problems you must immediately inform the rental company. The telephone number can be found on the rental agreement. Permission for reparations or a replacement vehicle must be given by the local rental company. 

Rental agreement
All Star Travel is an intermediary for the rental company, the rental agreement is made up by the vehicle rental company which provides the rental vehicle. Customers are therefore subject to the terms and conditions of the rental contract and the laws of the land wherein the vehicle is rented. All Star Travel is therefore not responsible for loss, damage or changes to the vehicle, delays or changes which happen because of civil conflict, corporate dilemmas including air traffic, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disasters, fire or unfavourable weather conditions, cancelled flights, or airline bankruptcies. 

The published prices apply at the moment of going to print. However changes in federal, state or local laws and taxes can cause price increases. We reserve the right to adjust our prices at any given moment with increases or decreases in the stated prices. 

All prices are based on Euro or USD currency and are inclusive of VAT in countries where required. A weekly price is 7 consecutive rental days of 24 hours. One rental day is calculated as 25% of the weekly price. Two rental days are calculated as 50% of the weekly price. Three rental days are calculated as 60% of the weekly price. Four rental days are calculated as 80% of the weekly price. Five to seven rental days are calculated as a weekly price. Extra days are calculated as 1/7 of the weekly price. 

Note - US/Canada has different methods of calculating daily prices for different rental periods. 

It’s important that your payment is credited to one of our All Star Travel accounts. You can pay the rental costs via a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express).


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